Shafts /Rolls

We take pride in offering comprehensive and cutting-edge services in shafts/Rolls repairing solutions

Root Cause Analysis :

Our technicians are able to identify the failure root cause, ensuring effective solutions that prevent recurrence. By delving into the core issues and implementing targeted corrective actions.

Dynamic and Static Balancing:

Our expertise in dynamic and static balancing ensures the accurate stability of rolls, guaranteeing well-balanced shafts for smoother operation and prolonged component lifespan.

Turning and Machining:

Integrating precision turning and machining with our specialized shaft repair services, we methodically assess and address all essential components, providing thorough and precise solutions.

Shaft Liners or Bearing Sleeves Manufacturing and Installation:

Our specialized manufacturing process produces durable and high-performance shaft liners and bearing sleeves.

Dimensional Checks and Quality Control:

Precision is a cornerstone of our operations. We conduct meticulous dimensional checks throughout the repair process, including crack inspections, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Thermal Spraying:

Our Metalizing solutions for shaft maintenance create a robust coating on shaft surfaces, effectively combating wear and corrosion. This process main advantage is to ensure a durable coating without inducing stress on the material.

earing Housing – Restoration of Worn Components:

We specialize in the restoration of worn components, including bearing housings, ensuring optimal functionality and extended lifespan.

Central of Bearing Housing Adjustments :

Our company specializes in offering precise bearing center adjustments for shafts and rolls. Through meticulous procedures, we ensure optimal alignment and positioning of bearings, promoting efficient load distribution, minimizing friction, and enhancing the overall performance and longevity of shafts and rolls within mechanical systems.

Repair & maintenance services

We stands as a reliable provider of a wide range of specific heavy machinery maintenance services. Our Accomplished team of technicians, equipped with advanced tools and technology, ensures the optimal Functioning and extended lifespan of your equipment in which we guarantee timely and efficient servicing to minimize downtime.