Service Center

01. Forming (Metalworking)

High technical capabilities for Metalworking and Spare Parts Manufacturing :• General Lathe à Up to 11 m long – Weight up to 30 Tons • Vertical Lathe: Diameter up to 4.5 m • Milling and All kinds of Gears Manufacturing in addition to heat treatments • Planer Works Up to 5 m long in addition to metal piercing • Grinding Work: Diameter up to 6.5 m

02. Dynamic Balancing

We have the latest German balancing machine “SCHENCK” with the possibility of doing dynamic balancing up to 12 meters long and weights up to 25 tons.

Balancing for all kinds of machines e.g. Turbines, Engines, fans, washers… etc with the possibility of making detection of dynamic balancing on customer’s site using the German SMART Balancer by our specialists in the Machines Axial tuning work.

03. Welding

We have the latest equipment specialized in welding all kinds of metals:

• Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), also known as tungsten inert gas (TIG)
• Metal Inert Gas Welding (MIG) also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) :The four most common shielding gases used in MIG welding are Argon,Helium,Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen with the suitable gas mixture
• Gear Welding and rehabilitation
• Submerged Welding “Railway wheels and Rollers”
• Metalizing Welding “Shafts, Motors… etc”
• Rotary Friction welding

04. Hydraulic Works

Maintenance of all hydraulic Cylinders (Different types & sizes) while supplying all the requires Seal Kits.
Full Maintenance for any hydraulic Circuit.

05. Pressing

• Horizontal Piston: Weight up to 1500 Tons • Vertical Piston: Weight up to 1500 Tons

06. Metal Cutting

• Flame Cutting

• Plasma Cutting

• Band Saw Cutting

07. Crusher Vibrator Steel Wire Manufacture and supply

• Manufacture of all sizes of Steel wire for Quarry vibrators
• Manufacture of all sizes of belt conveyors according to standard specifications

08. Maintenance for Heavy Equipment

Maintenance of all different kinds of heavy equipment.

Full maintenance for undercarriage, Torsion Bar and shafts.
Maintenance of Crushers and all Quarries Equipment’s in addition to Crusher Chassis Manufacture.

Spare Parts

We are the sole agent and distributor of well-known European factories for the machinery and heavy equipment spare parts… We have a wide array of spare parts stock to serve the market demand.

Our team of sales and after sales covers the entire country of Egypt and offers consulting and installation services for spare parts.

We understand the crucial role that spare parts play in the processes of production and construction, therefore, we pay attention to the quality and our spare parts services…


We are Sole Agent For Comec / Italy

Crushers are machines used to reduce the size of rocks, stones and ore. They are often utilized in aggregate production, construction material recycling and in mining operations. Our crushers have to be as reliable and low wear as possible and work under the most demanding operating conditions.

Comec Crushes covers different gyratory crushers, jaw crushers, cone crushers and impact crushers – optimized for any size reduction need.

Selecting optimal crushing equipment can be difficult. Luckily there are tools and software available that simplify weighing different options and help in making decisions. The backbone of all these analyzes are careful calculations that take into account the capabilities and constraints of different crushers and operational requirements.

ATTA SONS have sufficient experience in providing these solutions especially that every crushing site and operation is different, and the optimal results are normally obtained by combining theoretical conclusions with practical experience of different materials, operational conditions, maintenance needs, and economic aspects of various alternatives.