At Atta Sons, we specialize in providing comprehensive services for electric motors and generators. We understand the critical role these components play in powering various industries, With our expertise and commitment to exceptional service, you can trust us to keep your electric motors and generators operating at their best, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and contributing to the success of your industrial operations.

Shaft Inspection and Repair:

Shaft inspection and repair involve assessing and addressing various issues, such as bending or surface imperfections. Repairs range from straightening techniques and polishing for minor damages to more complex procedures like lathe operations for severe issues, with the possibility of replacement for extensive damage. Additionally, post-repair, thorough inspection of bearings and seals is crucial to identify potential wear or damage, facilitating necessary replacements or ongoing maintenance

Cooling System Maintenance:

Our comprehensive cooling system maintenance includes a thorough examination of fan blades to detect and rectify any issues, ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, we specialize in precise alignment of fan shafts and motors, as well as bearing maintenance, lubrication, and replacement, to guarantee smooth operation and reduce vibrations, while excelling in straightening procedures for cooling fins to enhance airflow and cooling efficiency.

Brush and Commutator Maintenance (for brushed motors):

Brushes can wear out over time and may need replacement. The commutator should be clean and free of pits or grooves. If it's worn out or has deep grooves, it might need resurfacing or replacement.

Seal Replacements:

Our company is dedicated to providing premier seal replacement services for motors and generators. Recognizing the critical role seals play in preventing contaminants from jeopardizing machinery, we emphasize the timely replacement of worn or damaged seals, ensuring the safety and longevity of your equipment's internal components

Vibration Analysis and Static / Dynamic balancing:

Our company specializes in Vibration Analysis and Balancing services, crucial for maintaining the integrity of motors and generators. We understand that imbalances in these machines can result in excessive vibrations, leading to premature wear and tear. To prevent such issues, we offer precision balancing of components, ensuring smooth operation and extended lifespan. Moreover, we employ regular vibration analysis techniques to proactively detect and address potential problems before they escalate, minimizing downtime and ensuring the long-term reliability of your equipment.

End shield and Housing Repairs:

Our company specializes in End shield and Housing repair services. Recognizing the vital role that end shields and housings play in safeguarding the internal elements of motors or generators, we expertly address issues of corrosion, cracking, or other damages. Whether it's thorough cleaning, intricate repairs, or full replacements, we ensure utmost protection. Additionally, our commitment extends to maintaining the integrity of seals, as we swiftly replace worn or damaged ones, preventing contaminants from entering and thereby preserving the health of your machinery's internal components.

Rotor and Stator Repairs:

Our company excels in offering Rotor and Stator repair services. With a keen understanding that the rotor and stator windings are susceptible to damage or short-circuits over time, we proficiently handle rewinding of damaged windings and replacement of insulation materials. Rely on our expertise to ensure the durability and peak performance of your machinery's core component

Rewinding services:

Our company is a frontrunner in providing specialized rewinding services for motors and generators. Understanding that severe damage to windings can necessitate a comprehensive rewinding process, we meticulously remove old windings and replace them with new ones. Our commitment is to mirror the original winding pattern and specifications, ensuring that your equipment operates in line with its design and delivers optimal performance. Trust us to rejuvenate your machinery's core function seamlessly.

Repair & maintenance services

We stands as a reliable provider of a wide range of specific heavy machinery maintenance services. Our Accomplished team of technicians, equipped with advanced tools and technology, ensures the optimal Functioning and extended lifespan of your equipment in which we guarantee timely and efficient servicing to minimize downtime.